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Getting on our site, all trying to understand – what is the direction of our hotel? To Travel? Dating tete-a-tete? For Travelers? Or for people who rent an apartment in Moscow on a permanent basis, but a few weeks per month?

Since we are in the Central district we originally opened the hotel for Muscovites to help solve several problems in the metropolis. But then it became clear that and Guests of the capital is difficult to find the right hotel, as there are not enough places and the difficulty of booking and other inconvenience: inconvenient sites, passive staff, expensive, far from the center, inflexible terms. We understand that these issues are resolved.


· Ability to spend time alone with each other regardless of age. Not everyone can afford to buy even a one bedroom apartment in Moscow.

· The kids are grown, but still live together with You. And You just need a personal life and your space at least a few times a week.

· Accommodation in Studio apartments or rooms with their parents makes it impossible to build a robust and conflict-free relationship young couples.

· Accommodation in one room with the children stopping to spend time alone with your partner, even when children are looked after by the grandmother

· You have stalled, confused about the relationship or partner are tired of everyday problems. Need time and place to be determined. And it is in our time is fine, everyone is entitled to personal happiness.

· Large hotels attract too much attention, are more expensive, but You are looking for a comfortable place in which You would be cozy and private.

· Work in the center until late and live far away. To spend so much time and effort on the road is meaningless, in the end, and the money is unprofitable.

· Live in the nearby towns of Moscow region, and the weekend is rest in Moscow. Weekend, only two and extend to Sunday, many people prefer to stay in the center to lengthen the weekend and sleep to go to work. As they say, Time is money.

By the way, for regular Guests we offer monthly passes.


· close to the city center, just 2 metro stops from the red square

· close to three train stations and to the transport arteries (Third Ring)

· near the theatre of modern

· individual approach to the preferences of each Guest

· active team of the hotel is route through the city based on the individual characteristics of the Guests, Free of charge. Who but Muscovites will be able to plan viewing interesting places in the city to want to come back.

· when you stay for a long time a dry cleaning of clothes and a hot meal on time in the room.

In a building of 3 floors. Is available for different audiences, while not interfering with each other.

Come and visit!) The hotel is accessible to all ages and covers a variety of goals, interests and preferences. Feel comfortable everything. See you soon!

Sincerely Yours,

Boutique Hotel Mr. & Mrs.