Boutique Hotels

Perevedenovsky lane 2C1
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The hourly workers

    Discount -28% for two to the hourly occupancy in any room!
    14 % for everyone :)

    from 13.02 till 16.02

    Book a room!

  • 10 hours (the night from 23:00 to 9:00).

    from 1890 to 3250

    Profitable! +Coffee morning

    In the VIP map night could start from 21:00

  • Action "We are waiting for You again" - EVERY 3rd visit to the gift for our Guests!

  • Day time (sleep) to spend useful time and day. Reduced rates for 1 hour is 20%- 40% in the daytime

  • Best time from 4 hours. 30% discount from the cost of 1 hour

  • Ideal time – 3 hours (you will be able to do everything without hurry) rake of 20%

    • Romantic action!
      Valentine's Day
      from 13.02 - 16.02

      *Remind administrators ;)

  • For those who choose Moscow weekend!

    01.05 - 12.05 discounts - big discounts on hourly occupancy 20%

  • VIP privilege card is issued at Your request after filling out the questionnaire at the first visit!


    A VIP card allows you to use the action "Every 3rd visit is FREE" and to redouble the watch for free, after

    10th visit!

  • Night rate-check-in from 23:00, check-out 09:00. The possibility of hourly extension of the night-the cost of accommodation is calculated as follows:
    The cost of a night/10 hours*number of hours after 9:00. Example: night price 2 900, check-out at 11:00.

    Calculation 2900/10*1 = R. Supplement 290

    Extension of night is possible until 11: 59

    The extension of the "back", perhaps by the same formula if check-in is required on the night from 21:00


  • Dear Guests! If you belong to those who have the opportunity to plan your upcoming month in advance. And I know exactly how many times a month You will need a Boutique hotel, we are ready to thank You for the stability of the good price for You.

    The pass - rate is for a one-time payment.

  • Best time is 5 hours 45% off