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  • Do you consider yourself a modern man? Then answer the question: how do you feel about hourly hotels?

    The old ways

    On TV in Russian and foreign criminal in these hotels are usually settled on a couple of hours of dubious identity, which became the root of evil sprouted in modern people's minds. But it is time to eradicate because dashing 90-e behind, and they took with them these stereotypes. Now everything has changed.

    The hotel on the hour all unique. They meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

  • Recently met my soul mate and want to make an original surprise? Maybe it's time to liven up and shake your marriage? Is there a way to make an unforgettable gift – a romantic evening in the hotel.

  • The modern business hotel is a combination of sophisticated style and design, it provides convenience and real comfort of home. The ability to combine a high level of service and individual approach, to focus on the needs and tastes of the visitors it attracts more and more guests.

  • Hotel with Jacuzzi choose more true romantics and lovers of comfort. Take a bath with hydro massage after a hard day of intense business negotiations, alone or with your loved one – a special treat. So, before you rent a room, many guests wondering if there's a Jacuzzi in the hotel.

    Modern equipped apartments, clever design and harmonious style for hotels is the norm and the ability to be competitive in the market of the capital. Hotel room Jacuzzi is not a luxury available only to vip customers and real concern for the comfortable stay of the clients.

  • The demand for comfortable and affordable accommodation for two in Moscow is constantly growing. This led to the emergence of a large number of such areas which, through competition, offers not only comfort and reasonable prices, but also high levels of comfort, interior design and a limited number of guests.

  • Every couple sooner or later confronted with the fact that their life should be something incredibly romantic. Today, many companies provide services for the organization of unique dates. However, you can save considerably on the services of these companies and arrange a romantic date yourself using a gorgeous hotel room on the day for lovers.

  • A man and a woman - two opposite people. It has a totally different perception of the world around us. Even on the same things look different. For example, a boutique hotel (hotel for the night for lovers) have a strong half of mankind and the beautiful parts of it is seen differently.

  • It is believed that the love lives three years. Though nobody wants to believe in this sad statistics, but it is the truth. Before the wedding many had promiscuity, attended the hotel for an hour, and someone didn't want to be sprayed from building long-term business plans. With feelings clear, they change, love turns into attachment and respect. But what happens in bed?

  • Who does not want in his old age to be fit and healthy? Yes, and many young people often complain of malaise, poor health and apathy. So what can be the elixir of health and energy? Of course, love! And in order to diversify and decorate their love Affairs, perfect hotel in Moscow.

  • The success of career – the main credo for modern people. They have no time for Dating, walks under the moon. The main goal is to achieve recognition. But what happens when the goal is achieved? Getting bored... comes To help the hotel for an hour

  • The person making the gift, you should pay special attention to the preferences of your partner. Maybe strawberries and cream and a bottle of champagne will add to the evening a special charm. To choose a hotel for a day in Moscow, the two must be carefully and cautiously, because any gift should be presented at its best.

  • He saw in a dream a large hotel with luxurious decor or boutique hotel, you can be confident in future success, prosperity and wealth. It is within this broad user audience trying to convince online dreams. Worth believe such large-scale predictions or not – a private matter. However, if the subconscious has a chance to throw a favorite the idea to visit the hotel for meetings, certainly in this visit will be of some use.

  • Male psychology and female psychology, without exaggeration, the difference is the same as that between the height of mount Everest and the depth of Mariana trench is huge. That is why the attitude to sexual intimacy in both sexes are radically different in many aspects. Men are many times easier, for example, decide to spend a romantic date at the hotel. Women mostly decide on such "adventure" when you are in a buoyant mood and ready for adventure.

  • If your relationship has become less sex, it could lead to the collapse of family life. And the reason is not always in the third person, everything can be much easier. Want to regain the passion? There is one infallible method – to arrange a date at the hotel.

  • We all unconsciously in her family to repeat the behavior of their parents. And if models do not converge, for example, are both dominated, then it is possible that you face problems in married life. Your argument you take of the child's perception. Now there are many ways to try to keep the family together. And very cool that there is such a possibility, as earlier people could not use this method of renewal of the senses, of changing roles, like meet in a hotel

  • The conclusion of a Union between a man and a woman - a beautiful moment. Unfortunately, it does not last long. But changing the subject is the moral aspects, and often of an erotic nature.

    By nature we are hardwired to desire to extend their family. One in whom the gene is especially strong, just longing for an erotic adventure. And spending a romantic night for two in a hotel will be a great idea. Just him and her, no one and nothing superfluous, no domestic problems, no bored rasplanirovke evening, there is no clear algorithm of actions. This would have given rise to new feelings and sensations. Even a modest personality revealed in the hotel room. Jacuzzi, music, wine. A light dinner and a night of incredible passion cycle. Big bed, comfortable mattress – all subtle but very important elements of success.

  • Almost half a century ago Leo Tolstoy, in his novel "Anna Karenina" touched on one of the main problems in every family - marital infidelity. And betrayal in the modern family, which is often formed on the basis of mutual sympathy, occur with the same frequency as in the times of Leo Tolstoy, when marriages were rarely based on mutual love.
    The situations are different...
    For example - leaving his wife alone at the resort, and a week later sends her husband a telegram that " still love him." Such a telegram must push a spouse to certain thoughts. It is quite obvious that the woman had reason to write that. Perhaps the reason for this fleeting holiday romance and the sudden sense of guilt towards the spouse?

  • Very often marital relationships are covered by the routine of everyday life disappears the severity and novelty of sensations, joint communication brings only the desire to "hear the silence".
    How to overcome the routine of everyday life
    If you have a situation, when the fire of the senses slowly begins to fade, you need to give food to the fire. It would be nice to have a romantic dinner for two. However, do not give a new experience, even if covered with the most exquisite dishes from the table and lit the candles. The best solution in this case is to spend a romantic night for two at the hotel.

  • The worst enemies of anyone, even the happiest families are tired from each other and the usual, no different from each other measured days of marriage. In different families with this problem are struggling in different ways. Men often choose the wrong path and seek novelty and thrills in a relationship on the side. The task of women - to save your family, if there is hope, that feelings still can be revived.
    Do not cut with hot: take advantage of the boutique hotel
    Of course, you can invite the spouse to make a joint romantic trip, but most often it does not have neither the money nor the time. Vacation in comfortable for two time tours - all this requires extensive training. But to arrange a brief meeting not far from home in an intimate setting - quite on forces to the modern family with an average income. You can book a hotel room for two for a day or for a few hours, forgetting about everyday Affairs and concerns.

  • The life of business people is the constant trips and business meetings. To make working visits to other cities and countries can easily more comfortable business hotel. What is it and how is it different from the usual hotel - read our article.