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Business hotel: the concept and characteristic differences

Modern hotel is not only a place to stay or a temporary stay of travelers and tourists, but also centres where they can stay in business employees of large companies as well as individual entrepreneurs, owners of their own business. These institutions acquire the status of "business hotel".

These hotels most often are located in the city center or near major transport interchanges, important items of urban infrastructure. In addition, they must use the associated services: for example, dry-cleaning, visa support, ordering food, serving corporate clients (business travel).

Exactly are the criteria for the hotel business class in Moscow and other cities. The building of the Moscow hotels of a similar kind are located near the subway and the TTC. They have special rooms category "business dream" reasonable stylistic options and colors. Often provides a special service: "pillow menu" where you can select the most comfortable sleep bedding set. Correct these rooms style and decor do not distract the guests from a business trip and allow you to fully relax after a busy day at work.

Business hotels offer a wide range of services for corporate customers on mission, as well as businessmen coming to the city in private. They - the basic part of the target audience of such hotels. Including they can be ordered: dry-top and other clothing, a Shoe Shine, a selection of tour itineraries, visa support for foreign citizens, food delivery to the room, etc.

Number of rooms of a business class should be enough to host a small representative delegations and guests arriving alone.

Business hotels aimed at long-term cooperation with legal entities for which there are always current offers.