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How to regain intimacy in a relationship

Rule one: let it be a surprise...

Problems at work, banal fatigue, domestic dispute and monotony - all this will be forgotten, as soon as you step over the threshold of the hotel room for two. After a change of scenery most fully allows you to forget about troubles. And if it's a surprise, then the second half will be doubly surprised.

Do not assume that such a meeting should be arranged by men only. Women are more creative and relaxed!

The second rule is you do not have a clear plan, an impromptu visit was an interesting idea

Don't have to stay for the weekend or for the whole night. Doors for two open at any time of day, and to plunge into new sensations, you can choose absolutely any day!

Create a romantic atmosphere in the evening and even during the day, closing the curtains and drank champagne. Complete the table with fruit, whipped cream and chocolate topping. Who knows what thoughts are you going to visit? That's not all than you will be pleased with the hotel room. Jacuzzi, massage chair allows you to relax or enjoy the company of its second half.

Rule three: for the most daring and uninhibited

And for those who want to return the passion of first meetings through experimentation, you should visit the hotel with erotic toys. If you are worried that it will cause confusion of the partner, start with costumes or special themed rooms. Even if the first visit won't be so bright as you imagine it was originally presented, a new visit will be by far the more spectacular of the year!


Do not place the cross on private and family life, his light again half the best boutique hotel c hourly. After these visits, the proximity of the house, too, will become permanent.