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If you dream hotel, it’s time to visit!

No rest, never a moment's rest

In the modern metropolis, when the frantic pace of life does not allow to spend on themselves and their loved one single minute out of the working plan, it is now possible to arrive at the hotel on the hour. Room with Jacuzzi, split-system, noise - and sound-allow at least 60 minutes to relax, to escape from worldly Affairs and to dissolve in each other. And this is precisely what short-term pleasure sometimes lacking pair for further successful development of relations!

The output is closer than you think

In the crisis period, any neglect on the part of the partner can cause serious conflict and even rupture of relations. To the first, and certainly the second situation, it is best to take care of and at least occasionally give vent to your feelings. This can be done by visiting the boutique hotel. Moscow is a city of great opportunities, which, unfortunately, not many know couples.

Any hotel business class on request allow:

maintaining the confidentiality of the visit;
delivery of the order in the room (e.g., alcohol);
the function "call administrator" at the agreed time.
First and foremost, due to the possibility of a confidential visit, many couples prefer to visit the business. Sleep" in hand" or not – you decide, but try to spend a romantic evening in a cozy room together is definitely worth it.