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Marital intimacy: differences between a man and a woman

How to win a women's care
To diversify leisure, many couples decide to get a hotel room. Jacuzzi can help relax the partner, which at first may feel a bit uncomfortable. Usually the initiator of the visit at the home hotel is the man. Though a woman by nature may just be ashamed to do such a juicy offer.
Male character is characterized by impatience, desire faster alone. However, haste is disastrous for an event such as romantic night for two at the hotel. Thinking about the preferences of his lady, a gentleman should hide in the hole a couple of trump cards: a bottle of your favorite alcohol of a friend, fruit or candy. It is from these little things add warmth and comfort to the guests.
Everything new is well forgotten old
A new look at this routine as the adoption of water treatments, the pair may experience a burst of passionate energy. Selecting a hotel with a Jacuzzi in it, a man can kill two birds with one stone: to please the beloved and to radically expand the boundaries of the familiar to women space for sexual intimacy and erotic games in particular. It is likely that this initiative will cause not quite that reaction, but who does not risk does not drink champagne. Basically, the efforts pay off of a spouse with a vengeance!