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Why are people scared of the name "hotel"

You – the potential client?

If you think that offer boutique hotel accommodation on the hour – not for you, something very wrong. You have to travel to the capital for business meetings? Maybe you are periodically overcome by the desire to stay in a relaxed atmosphere, where nobody knows and you can just get a few hours sleep after a busy day? If you answered Yes, then you – the potential client of the hotel. Most often the visitors are:

• tourists on a weekend;
• casual visitors, who have suddenly suffered a flight;
• those who want to surprise your second half and hide from everyone and everything in a new romantic spot.
Why you should come to this hotel?

Hotel for an hour has a huge number of advantages over a conventional hotel:

• a late settlement;
• extension of stay in the room without an appointment;
• the opportunity to arrange a romantic surprise;
• availability of rooms for thematic meetings;
• rates are assigned per room, number of guests not limited.

Boutique hotel "Mr&Mrs" is the atmosphere of comfort, service and friendliness. Try a new format of living!