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Successful people come into the boutique hotel for variety

A genuine vacation

It would seem that to give intimate connection is possible anywhere, so why should the hotel for an hour would suit him best? It's very simple – then:

Privacy. No one will know your personal data, even if you register, you can call an alias or number which you will assign when booking online or by phone.

The possibility of choosing a room according to your mood. This realization of the passion and the nice evening together with your loved one when choosing the Bridal Suite at the hotel.

Savings (hourly wage are much low cost than renting rooms at night).

Additional accessories. The iron lady wants to play with a whip or handcuffs? These and other accessories, toys can be rented. Hotel for an hour – it is always the realization of your wildest dreams.

Did you know about these ways?

Stay a hotel for an hour with toys, try role playing. For you boutique offers costumes – this Bunny, nurse, devil, and angel. The embodiment of ideas and desires.

Those who are accustomed to a more prosaic acts of love you can take a hotel room with a Jacuzzi. To indulge in the foam to hold a massage. Hourly mini hotel in Moscow, you can book or go completely random. And most importantly, don't have to search long, because it is located next to the metro station.

Successful people are always in a hurry, every minute accounted for and planned out. And only a boutique hotel can offer such an expensive free. And the possibility of spontaneous communication can be a real breath of fresh air in the daily rush for the blue bird of luck.