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The parent model

A new approach to life in marriage

If your family life is not true, do not rush to find a new spouse. Try to spend a romantic night for two at the hotel. The new environment will make you relax, excite secret strings. You will be able to speak on a totally new confidence level. You may indulge in passions, because there are no distractions: parents, neighbors, children. No one is judging you and do not discuss your personal life.

Often it is public opinion that does not allow us to make concessions: of course, we want to look in the eyes of other strong, independent personalities, of which you have no domination. But to obey, even desirable, will not work. A love hotel removes all inhibitions!

Imagine yourself mistress

The emergence of a love triangle, divorce is inevitable if you are together in the family home. But you can split in two. Clear a room for two and imagine that you are lovers. You have no obligations, complex and annoying life. Many assert about the unity of souls, and here it can happen. It is possible to reveal, you will find new common ground.

Should look like a love hotel room? Jacuzzi, mini-bar, extra toys. Try role-playing, costumed meeting. All of this can be found in the best boutique hotel. Try to look at each other in new ways, and believe me, what you will see will not disappoint.