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When the feelings start to fade away

Help your feelings
Love is not only joy and happiness is everyday work. It cannot exist on its own, if two people get used to each other and begin to relate, as something ordinary and unchanged. Intimacy is becoming less and not give that acuteness and pleasure-seekers because of their routine. You must give a good jolt to his feelings, to make myself and the spouse to re-experience the joy of mutual intimacy. Arrange a spontaneous date night with my wife, booked a hotel room for two.
Get creative
Routine intimacy is the main reason of the developing of indifference within couples. Want to avoid it? Use the facilities for a day in Moscow for two - it offers comfortable room with themed décor, soft music and a light dinner. To relieve the tension of recent days, using a massage chair or a joint drinking champagne in the Jacuzzi.
Try role - playing games- perhaps this is exactly what is missing in your relationship. Themed rooms in the hotel are equipped with erotic toys. Yet unknown sensations will surely revive the fading feelings and strengthen your family.