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  • You married 3-5 years. How often do you make love?

You married 3-5 years. How often do you make love?

In Moscow there was a boutique hotels. They offer not just a room, a room for lovers or honeymooners with a Jacuzzi and other extras. Now any visit will give a lot of emotions and surprise.

For those who are not distinguished by modesty, in a boutique hotel in Moscow, to rent toys. Spouses, who for 5 years had well studied each other, it will help to regain the passion. You don't have to rush into extremes. In the hourly hotel have themed costumes: maid, Bunny, nurse. Remember how it all began, and feelings manifest new emotions and open to spouses the reserved side each other.

A gift for your favorite

If you hesitate to offer a visit to the hotel for a night for lovers, then do it in the form of a gift or invitation to a romantic date. How often last year you didn't go to the grocery store, and a movie? No one will refuse the change.

With a visit to the hotel for couples with toys marriage will sparkle with new colors.