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Dry cleaning services

We guarantee cleanliness and comfort in all rooms of our hotel. Daily change of towels, bathrobes, bedding, clean the carpets and curtains.

In addition, we can offer you dry cleaning services garment. Contact the administrator, he will take the order and very soon your clothes will be clean! Fast and high quality service will save you from the hassle, and thanks to him, you:

ready for business negotiations or festive evening;
can remove stains from coffee, oils, wine, with which a normal washing machine can not cope;
easily put in order a top garment;
was able to remove odors, if necessary, to be disinfected;
return clean even delicate fabrics.


Name Cost, rubles
The vest 410
Pants, jeans 530
Pants, jeans, cropped 490
Tie 310
Jacket 770
Tuxedo, tailcoat 1600
Suit 1350
Shirt, men's shirt, blouse, women's (dry cleaning) 420
Shirt wet cleaning with starch and air conditioning 325
Shirt vegetablesa treatment (Ironing) 190
Long skirt 630
Skirt complex 1100
Short skirt 550
Skirt evening simple cut 1450
Skirt evening simple cut with a trim 1750
Evening skirt — cut complex 2200
Evening skirt — a sophisticated cut with a trim 2500
Simple cut dress 820
Complex cut dress or trim 1050
Evening dress is a complex cut 1450
Evening dress of simple cut with a trim 1750
Evening dress — cut complex 2200
Evening dress is a complex cut with a trim 2500

Work is performed with environmentally safe for human health shampoos and powders. This will greatly extend the life of clothes, to give it novelty, well-groomed appearance, freshness and purity.

The hotel "Mr&Mrs" cares about its guests at all hours. With us you will look neat, so feel confident!