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Gift Certificate

Thanks To Boutique Hotel Mr.&MRS., You will get a unique opportunity to impress your colleagues, friends or family

Why give things that are gathering dust on a shelf when you can give the impression and emotions!

What else should you know?

Duration: Any, at par paid according to the tariffs of a Boutique hotel

How many people have been calculated certificate? For two

What is included in the certificate? Rentals and services can be anything according to the website and paid face value

Age: from 18 years

Give the necessary love romance!


General provisions:

1.1. Gift certificate (hereinafter – Certificate) boutique hotel Mr.&Mrs. Is evidence of payment of services rendered by the Certificate holder boutique hotel.
1.2. Certificate is the property of Boutique hotel Mr.&Mrs. has an individual number that determines the list of services paid face value. The value can be any and on the Certificate is not specified, ie is a gift without a price tag on it. A list of the paid services have a Buyer for e-mail.
1.3. The certificate entitles the certificate Holder to use the services of a Boutique hotel for the amount paid for it.
1.4. The Certificate validity is limited, it is indicated on the most gift certificate. The certificate is activated on the first day of the visit holder.
1.5.Purchase your gift certificate Customers, is carried out in the presence of the passport of the Buyer 1.6 the Purchase of a gift certificate constitutes acceptance of the Buyer and the gift certificate Holder with this Provision.
1.7. Hotel Boutique hotel Mr.&Mrs. reserves the right to amend work order with gift certificates. But undertakes to fulfill all the conditions for already purchased certificate

2. The procedure for the acquisition of the Certificate:

2.1. A gift certificate is implemented on a fee basis for cash and cashless payments. The sale of the certificate is noted in a special register of a Boutique hotel, with the date of sale and cost of certificate.
2.2. For the purchase of the gift certificate is subject to discounts and promotions in force in the Boutique hotel. In addition to a gift visits
2.5. When selling the gift certificate is to familiarize the Purchaser with the rules of the gift certificate, set out in the Regulation.
2.6. In case of loss of the certificate is not restored, but services are provided if the Holder of the certificate comes along with the Buyer and his passport
2.7. Gift certificate return and exchange can not be.

3. Rules of Certificate use:

3.1. A gift certificate is not personalized and may be transferred to third parties. A gift certificate is realized by the bearer of the gift certificate.
3.2. Entire value of certificate is used when receiving services in a boutique hotel in a lump sum or in parts, the used certificate is permanently transferred to the Boutique hotel.
3.3. If the total value of services provided exceeds the value specified in the Certificate, the difference is paid additionally by the Holder of the certificate to the cashier of a Boutique hotel.

3.4. Gift certificate cannot be exchanged for cash.

3.5. If the gift certificate is not used within its validity period, the funds paid are non-refundable.

4. How is the sale of the certificate

4.1 the Sale of gift certificates through the website interface. Fill out the application and the Administrator will contact You.

4.2 delivery of certificates is carried out by mail of Russia, or taken alone in a boutique hotel. Also you can order send a virtual certificate e-mail. Payment can be cash and cashless. To determine the set of services possible through the "book room" in the header