Boutique Hotels

Perevedenovsky lane 2C1
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Our advantages


  • AFFORDABLE RATES. Rate per hour starts from 790 RUR (*daytime rate)

  • FLEXIBLE DISCOUNTS. Lucrative special offers every day

  • CONVENIENTTIMING. Check-in at any time 24 hours 7 days a week.

  • EASY LOCATION ACCESS. Next to 3rd Ring, convenient access and exits

  • FREE PARKING LOT. Hotel open-air parking available throughout the day

  • FREE INTERNET. Free Wi-Fi access 24 hours




  • UNIQUEEXPERIENCES. Allrooms are unique and memorable

  • NEWLY REDECORATED. Freshly refurbished exquisite interior design

  • CLEANLINESS. Sterile clean bathrooms and bedrooms

  • COZINESS & COMFORT.Well-groomed cozy quarters fully equipped with modern amenities

  • CUSTOMIZED DECORATION OF BEDROOMS. Tailored adornment of bedrooms

  • PLEASANT ATMOSPHERE. All room are equipped with air conditioners

  • CRAZY MENU. A wide range of erotic accessories/costumes, furniture & equipment

  • ROOM SERVICE. Food and beverages delivery

  • BACKGROUND MUSIC. Audio equipment in all rooms

  • FULL CONFIDENTIALITY & SAFETY. Quick check-in & 24 hour security