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Re-Luxe with jacuzzi

бронирование от 2 часов или больше

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ReLuxe room with a Jacuzzi-type bathtub. The notions of Relaxing and Resting used to be equivalent. Now they tend to be differentiated. Relaxing encompasses the ways to calm down human’s mind and recover the inner balance. The Resting, in turn, focuses more on recreation and refreshment of the body. The latter does not necessarily imply passive lounging and laying back per se, while these things are at the very core of Relaxing.

When reading a book you get rest but no relax, since your brain is still busy with absorbing and memorizing new information. Active recreation on the landscape is a great way to offset a sedentary lifestyle but the abundance of emotions, impressions and bright visual images debars your eyes and nerves from relaxing. Even a passive reposing on a couch does not fall into a quality relaxation, if there is a refrigerator rattling or a TV grumbling somewhere next door.

In order to recover your poise you need to minimize the impact of external agencies and spend in this state up to an hour, e.g. sitting back with your significant other or even spending a wedding night in our hotel’s Jacuzzi-type bathtub.

Relaxation helps you get rid of negative emotions that tend to dominate our lives – conflicts, agitation, tension, and emotional stress.

Bedroom. The hotel room with Jacuzzi-type bathtub offers everything for an enjoyable stay: a huge King-size bed, a Jacuzzi-type bathtub, a big-screen TV, two leather-made armchairs, an audio system, an air conditioner, free wi-fi, and mineral water.

Bathroom. The fully equipped bathroom provides all the amenities: a shower bath, a sink, a lavatory, a looking glass, shampoo, shower gel, bathrobes, slippers, a set of towels, a hairdryer.


1 490 RUR per hour;
3 250 RUR per night from 23:00 to 9:00 (10 hours);
5 900 RUR for a 24-hour stay (OFF SALES PRICE)


  • 1490rur
    за час
  • 5900rur

Prices 3:

  • 890rur
    Украшение номера лепестками роз
  • 1590rur
    Украшение номера лепестками роз + коробка конфет
  • 2890rur
    Украшение номера лепестками роз + букет цветов
  • 3590rur
    Украшение номера лепестками роз + коробка конфет+ букет цветов

* Individual orders taken by the administrator when booking

For all our guests:

  • Comfort
    Rooms clean and freshly renovated
  • Audio system
    Great music in your room!
  • Free Parking
    Always Ellsworthy place!
  • Flexible discounts
    Best promotions and offers every day
    Lubiya will fulfill Your wishes!
    Next to TTC, convenient check in / out
  • Free Internet
    Wi-Fi round the clock!

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