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Romantique. The heart-shaped bed is specifically intended for lovers. Just look at its romantic design and materials as well as the decoration of the headboard. Not only the bed has great looks, but even its very shape determines people to get closer to one another and nestle down in one another’s arms.

Bedroom. Offers everything for an enjoyable stay: a heart-shaped bed, an audio system, an air conditioner, free wi-fi, and mineral water.

Bathroom. The fully equipped bathroom provides all the amenities: a shower stall, a sink, a lavatory, a looking glass, shampoo, shower gel, bathrobes, slippers, a set of towels, a hairdryer.


1 290 RUR per hour;
3 150 RUR for 3 hours - 30 % discount (optimum timing);
2 390 RUR per night from 23:00 to 9:00 (10 hours);
4 900 RUR for a 24-hour stay

Business hours rates (10:00 to 16:00)

890 RUR per hour;
2 190 RUR for 3 hours - 20 % discount ( optimum timing);

For all our guests:

  • Comfort
    Rooms clean and freshly renovated
  • Audio system
    Great music in your room!
  • Free Parking
    Always Ellsworthy place!
  • Flexible discounts
    Best promotions and offers every day
    Lubiya will fulfill Your wishes!
    Next to TTC, convenient check in / out
  • Free Internet
    Wi-Fi round the clock!

Rooms for every taste!


  • 1290rur
    за час
  • 3150rur
    за 3 часа - 20% скидка (за оптимальное время)
  • 2390rur
    за Ночь c 23:00 до 9:00 ( 10 часов)
  • 4900rur

Prices 2:

Prices 3:

  • 890rur
    Украшение номера лепестками роз
  • 1590rur
    Украшение номера лепестками роз + коробка конфет
  • 2890rur
    Украшение номера лепестками роз + букет цветов
  • 3590rur
    Украшение номера лепестками роз + коробка конфет+ букет цветов

* Individual orders taken by the administrator when booking