Boutique Hotels

Perevedenovsky lane 2C1
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  • 1You can book the room for any time and date by the call or by the web-site
  • 2When you book the room you have to say your name or nickname, choose the theme of the room, decorating and duration of stay in our hotel. One of the guest has to have a passport
  • 3For the avoidance of misunderstanding the manager fixes surname or nickname, so the Guest has to say it again in arrival
  • 4In 2 hours before expected arrival the Guest should confirm his booking or notice the manager that he would be late or wouldn’t come at all. This way if you paid for the reserving by the internet you will have payback on your card. If you won’t notice the manager the payback is impossible, but you can use your money for a next visit in our hotel.
  • 518+. The only document you can present is passport
  • 6If you pay the reserve on the spot our manager should give you a check
  • 7The number of guests in the room has no limits. The cost doesn’t change.
  • 8The occupancy time is beginning when the manager give you the keys. He should denote timing of your being in hotel loud and clear.
  • 9If the manager is not able to give the exact number that was prepaid by the guest, the guest can ask for room of the same category for the same price.
  • 10The service "Alarm" is free when room booked for more than 3 hours. When booking less than 3 hours service "Alarm" is not available.
  • 11Guest have the right to be in the room no more than 10 minutes after paid time. After this period, guests will be counted full hour stay.
  • 12In case the guest leaves the room before the expiration of the paid on arrival time, the money for the unused time will not be refund
  • 13Do not allowed to use hotel rooms for the provision of paid sexual services.
  • 14if  Guest leaves the room before the expiration paid at check in time, the money for unused time is not refunded
  • 15do Not use hotel rooms to provide sexual services.
  • 16Smoking indoors is not allowed.
  • 17Night rate check - in from 23:00, departure 09:00. Hourly extension of the night - the rate is calculated as follows:
    the Cost of a night/10 hours*number of hours after 9:00. Example: price 2 900, check-out 11:00. Calculation 2900/10*2 = surcharge 580 R.
  • 18 double Occupancy in all rooms except the room of Relaxation with Jacuzzi, Round Bed and a Penthouse.